Inter-Bank Liquidity without undisclosed fees

About Orfinex Prime

Orfinex Prime aims to offer top-notch liquidity solutions and unmatched support to institutional clients in the financial markets. Our team consists of experienced professionals in forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. We blend advanced technology with personalized service to provide a customized trading experience.

Strong Regulatory

Orfinex Prime is a regulated entity licensed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority FSCA (license number 53184) under ORFINEX PRIME (PTY) LTD with registration no# 2022/811905/07. We strictly follow regulatory guidelines to guarantee transparency, security, and professionalism in all our activities. Compliance is a fundamental aspect of our business, and we consistently strive to uphold the highest standards across our services.

Our compliance with the FSCA ensures that we function within a secure and established legal structure. This gives our clients the assurance and faith required to collaborate with us for their liquidity needs. We place a high priority on protecting our clients' data and assets, utilizing strong internal controls and protocols to secure confidential information and client funds.

Our Unique

At Orfinex Prime, we recognize the individuality of each client and are dedicated to offering customized solutions that meet their distinct requirements. By choosing to work with us, clients not only gain access to liquidity services but also receive a tailored package aimed at fostering the expansion of their businesses.

We collaborate with our clients to provide creative solutions, streamlined tools, trading strategies, marketing opportunities, and other valuable resources. Our dedication to ongoing innovation enables us to lead the industry and offer effective solutions that help our clients thrive in the dynamic financial environment.

Tailored Assistance

Our support team is committed to offering expert advice, addressing inquiries, and assisting with any obstacles that come up. We prioritize responsive and tailored customer service to ensure you get the assistance you require promptly.

Choose Orfinex Prime for a unique liquidity provider experience that goes above and beyond your expectations. Partner with us to reach your business goals with a deep understanding of your needs and a dedication to your success.


To provide exceptional liquidity solutions, innovative technology, and unparalleled support tailored to the unique needs and objectives of institutional clients in the financial markets, empowering them.


We strive to be the leading custom liquidity provider in the financial markets, known for our dedication to customer satisfaction, innovative technology, and deep industry knowledge. Our goal is to cultivate enduring partnerships with our clients and collaborators by consistently surpassing expectations and promoting beneficial advancements in the industry.


Our unique approach goes beyond standard liquidity solutions, providing clients with creative concepts, operational tools, dealing desk strategies, marketing leads, and additional support. By selecting Orfinex Prime, you partner with a dedicated ally focused on the expansion and prosperity of your business, offering exceptional guidance and knowledge throughout the process.